About the Bureau

Chadwick Baseball Bureau was founded to support baseball professionals and analysts by providing tidy baseball data. We create value for our clients and for the community by allowing users to focus on understanding and acting on information, rather than spending their time compiling and integrating it.

We provide data to a number of high-profile clients across the industry, including being a primary provider of historical statistical data for Baseball Reference for major, minor, and international leagues.

We produce and maintain datasets with interoperability in mind:

  • Clean formats: We favor where possible simple, text based formats.
  • Versioned: We use modern versioning technology (git) where possible to track changes to data, made possible by our file formats.
  • Integration of multiple sources: Contemporary and historical sources often contain conflicting information. Our techniques permit us to deal with such ambiguities intelligently and provide clients with the best available information as we receive it.
  • Harmonisation to standards: Where possible, we code data in ways which are consistent with formal standards and commonly-accepted practices.

For our professional clients, we can:

  • Provide you with a range of data feeds on the current professional baseball season, including affiliated, independent, and international leagues. We can customize the scope, detail, and frequency of the feeds to your needs.
  • Serve as official league statisticians, or compile statistical reports your pre-existing data.

To support the community and encourage the development and use of common standards for baseball information, we provide a number of datasets and tools released under Open Data and Open Source terms.  These include:

  • The Chadwick tools for manipulating baseball play-by-play data, which are compatible with and extend the DiamondWare tools provided by Retrosheet. The software is released under the GNU General Public License.
  • A git repository with a version of the data released by Retrosheet, patched with known corrections.
  • A cross-reference register of all players, managers, and umpires known to have participated in professional baseball, as well as college players and others with off-field involvement in pro ball, with identifiers in many major ID systems.

For the latest news on our data and software releases, and commercial products, follow us on Twitter at @chadwickbureau and like us on Facebook as chadwickbureau.

For enquiries about our services, contact the Bureau’s principal, Dr T L Turocy, on ted (dot) turocy (at) gmail (dot) com.