The register

Chadwick Bureau maintain a master register of people who have been involved in baseball, including identifiers in many major identifier systems, where known. The scope of the register includes all people whom the Bureau has confirmed to have been a player, manager, or umpire in a regulation professional game at any level. This includes:

  • North American-based professional leagues, including those in the National Association/Minor League Baseball ™ and modern (post-1993) independent leagues
  • Winter Leagues (Latin America and Australia) from 2005-present
  • The top-level Japanese league (NPB), since 1936
  • The top-level of the Korean Baseball Organization, 1982-present
  • The Cuban National Series, 1997-present
  • Negro Leagues including major Negro independent clubs (noting that records on Negro baseball are often sketchy, making this subset particularly likely to be revised substantially over time)

In addition, from Spring 2014, the Register will include entries for players and coaches from college baseball. These are primarily those with recent Division I experience, including all players in 2013. Coverage of this population is intended to improve over time.

The register also includes entries for some non-players, including all members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, all people who have been the subjects of SABR BioProject essays, as well as other off-field personnel for Major League Baseball clubs.

The data

The Register is published at (and updated roughly once per week) at The repository allows browsing the history of the files from the start of 2016.

Basic documentation on the files and their contents is available at

If you do not want to faff with the repository, here are direct links to the latest version of the data files:

The License

The data are Copyright 2016 by Chadwick Baseball Bureau, and are made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License:


This file is provided by Chadwick Bureau to the community in the hopes it will be useful. Chadwick Bureau is unable to provide general support in using the file.

More detailed versions of the file, or daily updates, are available to Chadwick Bureau clients via subscription.