First MLB player from Portugal

With the addition of Portugal, there have now been Major Leaguers from 56 different countries.

Now, if you’re scrambling through the list of players who have debuted in the last few days to see who it is, it turns out one has been with us almost since the beginning. ¬†Thanks to research by Justin McKinney and Peter Morris, Frank Thompson, previously credited as playing one game for Brooklyn in the National Association in 1875, was actually Augustus Fernandez, born on the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira. Thompson/Fernandez also is the previously no-first-name Thompson who appeared in 11 games for Washington in the 1875 National Association. He was primarily a catcher with Washington, and his stint with them had a few rough edges even by the standard of the time: he went 4-for-41 (.098) and fielded .624, with 32 errors and 25 passed balls.