Chadwick 0.7.0 (development) available

We have just pushed up the source code for version 0.7.0 of the Chadwick tools. You can get it from

The series 0.7.x is a development series of releases to add a few new features.  In this release, we debut a new command-line tool, cwdaily. This tool generates game-by-game statistics for players using the same comma-separated conventions as the traditional tools like cwevent and cwgame.  This fills a gap in the toolset, because although it’s possible to extract most of this information using the cwbox tool, to accomplish this requires post-processing of the XML files output by cwbox. That means extra coding, and also makes the process much slower.

The cwdaily tool is fast: on my MacBook Pro generating the day-by-days for the 2017 season from Retrosheet takes just under 2 seconds. This therefore also makes it very suitable for generating stats totals for a season.

As with all the tools, cwdaily works on both the Retrosheet event files as well as the boxscore files, so cwdaily is also a useful tool for extracting the information held in the boxscore files.

As of this writing this is a source-code only release, as we don’t at the moment have a cross-compilation environment set up that lets us target building Windows binaries. (We hope to deal with this soon!)