Chadwick 0.6.5 and Retrosheet repository updates

We have several bits of news on releases to share.

Chadwick 0.6.5 released.  We have updated the Chadwick processing tools to support the December Retrosheet release.  This is a minor release primarily to accommodate a few new modifier flags.  Visit the Chadwick site for download links.

Retrosheet file repository updated.  We have updated our git repository of all Retrosheet files with the new December release.  You can use this repository to fetch all of the Retrosheet files in one swoop.  It also allows you to navigate through the history of the last few years’ worth of Retrosheet releases, so you can see the changes made from release to release. (You’ll see just how busy the Retrosheet team are between each release!)

Retrosheet splits repository updated.  This summer we launched a repository of data derived from Retrosheet files.  This contains day-by-day records for players and teams, including both the boxscore files as well as the play-by-play files.  It also includes, from 1974 forward, various situational splits and batter-pitcher head-to-head records, that can only be obtained from the play-by-play files (and can’t be derived from the day-by-days).

Thanks as always to the Retrosheet crew for making all of this possible.